Today, I attended yet another janaza thanks to Sisi. Amo Ahmed was shot with live ammunition in the Rabaa massacre last year and got paralyzed. His situation got really critical recently and was transferred to the ICU and died today. May Allah accept him among his martyrs and grant his family patience. May they all meet in Firdaws Al-Aalaa and may Sisi and his people rot in hell.  


"Don’t ever ask a need of someone who has shut his door and has put a barrier between you and him. You must ask He who’s door is always open for until the end of time, He promised that if you ask He will answer, ‘Your Lord has said, call on me with duaa(prayer) and I will answer.’

Allah gets upset you stop asking Him… And the son of Adam gets upset when he is asked.”-Tawoos

What Dr. Soltan Soltan wrote on his cell wall to uplift Mohamed’s morale who has been on hunger strike for 230+ days


wandering with a lens
in cairo book fair 2014

برحمتك أستغيث

برحمتك أستغيث


Sara, 5 from Aleppo, Syria

"Syrian Children on the Frontline" Documentary

Mohamed Abdelmajeed - arrested since 4 days and has been tortured and is currently not able to talk (due to severe torture)…

Mohamed Abdelmajeed - arrested since 4 days and has been tortured and is currently not able to talk (due to severe torture)…


جيلنا من الموت…مبقاش يخاف خلاص!! 

Ultras in Cairo University yesterday singing Shams El-Horiya 

راجعين والبشوات فاهمين ;)

"They talk about the failure of socialism. Where is the success of capitalism?"
Fidel Castro, after the fall of the USSR (via castroistvaporwave)


Ultras in a protest against the military coup in Cairo University, Egypt.

Your stupid laws against protesting at university don’t scare us. 

راجعين والبشوات فاهمين

"لسه الطالب هو الحل
راجعين والبشوات فاهمين"
(The student remains the solution/ We are returning and the “higher ups” know what’s up!)

Jaafar Al-Zafrani’s wife, Shorouk, decided to stop being silent about the injustice happening to her husband.  

She wrote a sign saying:

"Jaafar Al-Zafrani has been wrongly imprisoned for 195 days without being accused of any crime. My husband is not a thug… not a terrorist. He hasn’t committed any crime and he doesn’t deserve to spend 8 months in jail. Our daughter Amena just turned one year old and he couldn’t be with her. Today, his trial got postponed again for 45 days. I’m not asking for anything but justice. Why is Jaafar still in jail? #JafarIsntANumber #InjusticeIsGoingToReachYouIfYouStaySilent #FreedomForJaafar"

She took the sign and headed to the mall. Shorouk says “98% of the people were interacting with me, some people took pictures, some just stood shocked, some left their work and stood to read etc”

"I stood for around 10 minutes until the mall guards came to me, pulled the sign and fought with me. I wouldn’t let them take away the sign and told them ‘fine, i’m leaving’, but they wouldn’t let go.  Some respectful guys came and tried to help me but the guards wouldn’t leave me alone and took me to a quiet place for interrogation. 

There, a cop told me, I could call the police to arrest you but I’m going to leave you alone this time because you’re the same age as my daughter. He continued talking about how what I did was inappropriate and could interrupt the peace and safety of the public and how the country can’t take any more in these hard times… Then the guards took me to my car and they wouldn’t give me back my sign.

Shorouk said what really hurt her wasn’t all of that. What hurt her was a woman who came when the guards were talking to Shorouk. She kept yelling and demanding that Shorouk get arrested. “Leave us alone! We’re living peacefully and happily and we don’t want anybody to annoy us! You all go do your thing anywhere else,” she yelled.

A message from say-salam
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته May Allah ease the heartache of all the muslim prisoners and their families. May Allah pour upon them his mercy and grant them all Jannah! May Allah grant YOU and your loved ones Jannah! Thank you for all that you do!

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته :)

Ameen and may they all gather again soon ya rab. Ameen! JAK for your beautiful duaas may Allah grant you and your loved ones Al Firdaws AlAlaa :)